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Welcome to the LASH OUT! Lashes Professional site for beauty industry professionals. Lash Out! lashes semi permanent lash extensions are luxurious and beautifully natural looking lash extensions that open and define your eyes, ensuring you always get a second look!

Lash Out! Lashes semi- permanent eyelash extensions are designed to add  fullness to the appearance of lashes, completely eliminating the need  for mascara and other lash enhancing products.  Styles are available in three different thicknesses, four degrees of curl and seven  different lengths each client is given a bespoke finish to suit their  own personal style.  Lash Out! lashes are applied by specially  trained Lash Out! technicans and can be worn whilst swimming, sleeping  and exercising with the results lasting for up to three months.

Completely eliminating the need for mascara and other lash enhancing products, LASH OUT! lashes illuminate your look without damaging the natural lash.

If you are interested applying to become a Lash Out! Lashes Stockist, Please visit out Contact section or fill in the application form.