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Originally from Australia, Lash Out! lashes launched in 2005 by Tami Nuccitelli, quickly gaining cult status and becoming the market leader for lash extensions. Lash Out! launched in the UK in 2009, with the opening  of the first dedicated Lash Bar in Liverpool’s prestigious Metquarter.

Lash Out Lashes semi-permanent eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes applied individually to each of your natural eyelashes using a medical grade adhesive for complete comfort and safety.  By applying each lash individually, we can give you a completely natural look, tailored to  perfectly suit you and avoiding unsightly clumps whilst thickening,  lengthening and darkening your lash look!

Lashes can be customized to achieve different looks using three different thickness, four degrees of curl and seven different lengths. Virtually weightless, Lash Out! lashes can be worn whilst  swimming, sleeping and exercising without causing any harm to your  natural lashes, falling out only at the end of your lashes natural  life cycle.

An enhancing beauty service Lash Out! lashes eliminate the need for mascara for up to three months whilst the eyelash extensions are in place leaving you fresh faced at any time of the day or night by adding definition to the face.

The meticulous application process is performed using the skills and precision of specially trained Lash Out! Technicians with the application process taking between twenty minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes depending on the required look.  Lashes can be attended every three weeks to maintain their original fullness.

A favourite with Hollyoaks stars, Abbey Clancy and other footballers partners, the Lash Out! Lashes brand keeps on growing.